Dan Halley is a retired Paramedic of thirty years, a life-long Catholic, and 4th Degree Knight  (KofC) for over 30 years.  Brought up in a German-Irish midwestern inner-city family with four older brothers and a widowed mother, he learned about life, faith, and relationships with family, friends, nature, and religion. 

Dan has a nearly unquenchable need to learn more about Holy Scripture, and what IT says from a historical, analytical, relational, functional, and prophetical viewpoint. (He hopes he hasn’t forgotton any “-al’s”!!

Being relatively new to the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) – joining September of 2008 – he is on a journey of faith, trust, learning, wisdom, and most importantly – – LOVE!  He is inviting you on his path of enlightenment and fun (Yes, God can be fun!).


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    • David, I actually have a pix of Him playing a game with some children. I see Our Lord laughing, and having fun, with occasional periods of seriousness. God, in human form, LOVED life, and showed it to everyone. How could one not be happy being in His presence.

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