Proper Etiquette for Liturgical Worship (MASS & Others)

01.    Remember to keep your Eucharistic fast by abstaining from food & beverages (water excluded) for an hour before Mass.


02.    Always dress modestly and appropriately. 

03.      Arrive early to allow for personal prayer, or to read the readings of the day.


Turn off all mobile devices while still in the vestibule.  This is your time with God and His people.

05.    Use the restroom before or after Mass. 



06.    Men, remove hats or caps before the Lord.

07.    Deposit all trash in waste receptacles, or take with you.  Don’t leave in pew please.


08.    Make the sign of the cross with Holy Waterupon entering.


09.      Genuflect with great reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle before entering your pew.  If unable to genuflect, a profound bow is respectful.

10.    Refrain from chit-chat – – which distracts others who are connecting with God through prayer – – before Mass.


11.    Join the singing.  St. Anselm said, “singing is praying twice.”  Singing with others gives great praise to God, which is really why we are gathered here.

12.    Listen to the readings.  God is speaking directly to you.

13.      Receive Communion with a particular attention to the true presence in the Eucharist.  We receive Communion, we do not take it.  If choosing to receive the Body of Christ in the hand, place the hand you write with under the hand you will receive, in a way, creating a throne for the Lord.  A simple bow of the head to the Eucharist is appropriate as a sign of reverence to Christ before receiving.


14.    Don’t forget to make a prayer of thanksgiving after receiving Communion.  “There is no prayer more agreeable to God, or more profitable to the soul than that which is made during the thanksgiving after Communion.” (St. Alfonsus Liguori)

15.    Remember that the point of being at Mass is not to see what we can get out of it, but what you can do to praise and worship the Almighty.


 16.    Finally, leave church – – only after – – the procession has left the altar.  

Only one person left the Last Supper early… (Judas)!

Let me know what you think of these.  Are these too strict or, are they appropriate.  I believe there is too much “liberalistic  ‘anything goes'” in the Catholic Church today.  We need to get back to reverance.


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  1. Amen I say to all of these–I think all Catholics should read this and take note–so many of these are broken daily–it is sad. God Bless all who read this and agree

    otherwise: it’s about time this went commoInn knowledge and behaviour!

    • Thanks you Alina. I agree with you. Sadly, many churches in my part of the country no longer have communion rails, and a lot of the older priests prefer NOT to give on the tongue, but instead in the hand. I personally take by the tongue method out of repect for the Holy presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, but cannot take by the communion rail at my parish (and we have one). I pray this will change soon.

  3. I especially liked not leaving yill the procession has exited the building.SO many people leave after communion TAje 5 ,ins and spend it wiht the LOrd he sprnds 24 hrs with you

    Ok hope I didnt get too ranting

  4. I do agree with you. How I wish Catholics will go back to receiving Jesus kneeling and by the tongue. It is Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity and our Redeemer that we are receiving. So we should receive Him with great reverence , adoration , love and humility. Can our Catholic heirarchy do something about this ? Perhaps the faithful are just waiting for our Church to make a firm stand as to the right and proper way of receiving the body of Our Lord in holy communion. As of now the church is liberal in giving the communicants choices. Some priests are even justifying why Jesus be received by the hand and no longer by the tongue, sad to say.

    • There are many opinions and sides on this issue, all with good theology. I personally agree with you but can understand why the US Bishops chose the standing position for communion. I can see a change in the future due to Pope BXVI influence

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