“Father Corapi, Fairness, and Satan!”


I will still post on Wednesday and Sunday as usual.



On Ash Wednesday, Fr. John Corapi posted on his website that he was placed on “administrative leave” because an ex-employee of his sent a letter to a couple of bishops accusing him of sexual impunity and drug abuse.

Fr. Corapi has been very open about his “worldly” path PRIOR to his entrance into the seminary.  For me, it is very hard to believe this allegation, but I do not know all the facts in the case.  All I know is that he has, in fact, been found “de facto guilty” without any hearing or trial – – solely because he is a “PRIEST”.

Fr. Corapi is the second Catholic Priest I personally know that has been placed in this position.  The other is a local priest in my area of the country accused by “one” person (who has behavior issues and is under psychiatric care) with abusing him as a teenager, many years (decades) ago.  That priest (and another much loved person at that) has been forced to retire without any trial or finding of guilt.  Amazingly, this “local” case has disappeared from the news and public eye. (There seems to be no excitement for news people if the person is not guilty.)

Satan is laughing his “tail” off right now. 

He hates and despises priests, but I bet he LOVES this “de facto guilty” policy the Magisterium has taken in regards to the clergy.  It seems all someone has to do to get rid of a member of the clergy, and/or destroy the reputation of a (usually good) person is to accuse him of sex and/or drugs.  The accuser knows that the Church will do the rest.  Also, Satan knows an important SACRAMENT of the Holy Catholic Church – – Holy Orders – – the (Deacon, Priest, and Bishop) doesn’t stand a chance in hell, or on earth (only in heaven).

We need to remember that we are a Church of faith, mercy, and charity (love).  Let us all please pray for the accuser and accused; each is a victim in one way or another.  We need to place our trust and hope that “truth” will prevail. 

I do have a question with this policy, which I believe needs to be tweaked or fixed in some way.  Don’t we owe it to our priests to support them until certain they have broken their vow, promise, and position of respect?


Prayer in Time of Trial


“St. Maximilian Kolbe, we thank God for the good example of your life.

You teach us to love and thus overcome our hatred of those who harm us.  You teach us to hope and thus conquer the depression and despair that so often overwhelm us.  You teach us courage by your daring enterprises for God and sacrifice of self as the Immaculata’s instrument.

Pray for us now that Mary, our Mother; and Jesus, her Son will bring to our troubled spirit peace, calm, and joy.  Amen”

(Spend two minutes thinking of the good things that God has done for you during your lifetime.)


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  1. I will certainly pray for the situation. He has inspired so many people who have been searching for the truth to be preached in order to return to the Father’s Flock. Yet we have a human component in the Lord’s Bride and fear will drive many to do actions that are not in accordance with God’s desire. Meditate on 1 Cor 4:3-5 for peace and consolation.

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