“The Innocence of Youth!” – Mk 10:14-15

Monday morning, and I have already slid off the road, and have fallen on the ice.  In other words, a typical winter precipitation event in Hazelwood, MO – ICE with the SNOW!!


Today is the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America.  Very Impressive, and morally sound organization. 

Todays reflection is about the innocence of youth.


Quote or Joke of the Day:


When you cease to make a contribution you begin to die. — Eleanor Roosevelt


Today’s Meditation:


 … “Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  Amen, I say to you, whoever does not accept the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it.”  (NAB Mk 10:14-15)


I love my children in a way that only another parent can understand.   Children have a dependance on their parents for their needs in life.  They know “Mom and Dad” get the food they eat, the clothes they wear, and the toys they want.  More basic is that when hurt, mommy and daddy will ‘make it all better!”  We parents do this by simply kissing the area hurt, and say “It’s all better now.”

The innocence of youth gives way to the seperation of the teenage minds.  I am at this stage in my children’s lives, and I so miss those young years when I was needed in their lives in a direct way, and not in the background.  It seems the older we get, the more sceptical we get.  Maybe scepticism is part of that original sin inherited from Adam & Eve.

What is Jesus meaning by this verse, that he said in a period of frustration and mild anger towards His apostles thwart of children coming to Jesus.  He wanted all to know that whoever doesn’t accept the kingdom of God like a child, by being  in total dependence upon and obedience to the gospel, is not going to inherit paradise.  In Matthew 18:3-4, Jesus states,  “Amen, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.   The child is held up as a model for the disciples, not because of any supposed innocence of children, but because of their complete dependence on, and trust in, their parents.  The disciples must be completely dependant and totally trust God. 

Another thing about children is their ease of humility.  SOmetimes, we parents do not see humility in our kids, but just look the next time another ‘authority figure’ is present.  My kids are alway polite in public, especially when’adults’ are present.  They seem to get quiet and not make eye contact easily when in the presence of our parish priest, the school principal, or one of their teachers or coaches.  Jesus said, “Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. ” 

Maybe going through a ‘second’ childhood isn’t a bad thing, when it comes to getting into heaven.

“Lord, help me to find that child-like faith that I need to appreciate you.  I love you with all my heart and soul.  Help me to love you even more.  Please be there when I call for my “daddy” in times of need.  Amen.


Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO




Franciscan Saint of the Day: St. Giles Mary of St. Joseph


Saint Giles Mary lived from 1729-1812 during the time of Napoleon Bonaparte. He led a life of humility in servitude to his Franciscan friary and service to the people of Naples. He is known as the “Consoler of Naples” as his went his way begging and telling everyone “Love God, love God.”

(From http://www.franciscan-sfo.org website)


Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) Rule #8:


As Jesus was the true worshipper of the Father, so let prayer and contemplation be the soul of all they are and do.  Let them participate in the sacramental life of the Church, above all the Eucharist. Let them join in liturgical prayer in one of the forms proposed by the Church, reliving the mysteries of the life of Christ.


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