“Evicted by God: Not Me!” – Hg 1:8

It’s Sunday, and it is not foggy!!  Too bad it’s raining though.  Sleeping for 11 hours has seemed to refresh me.  I am ready for anything (for the next 30 minutes or so).  It has been 12 days since the quake in Haiti.  Are you still keeping them in your prayers? 

Bible Study

Quote or Joke of the Day:


“I must do everything and act in all matters now as I would like to do and act at the hour of my death”.   [ † Faustina, 226]


Today’s Meditation:


Go up into the hill country; bring timber, and build the house That I may take pleasure in it and receive my glory, says the LORD.   (NAB Hg 1:8)


‘Go up into the hills.’  As I wrote in a recent reflection, it seems any actions of dramatic proportions seem to be linked to climbing up a mountain.  Going ‘up’ takes us away from the earthly influences of evil around us.  The air is crisp, and clear.  The people around you are there for similar reasons, otherwise they would not be there.  Maybe, being in the ‘hills’ brings us closer to heaven and God, spiritually and physically.  When I think of God and the mountains, it brings me to the opening of the great movie, “The Sound of Music.”  For those of you that know me, they are sure that I would truly dance through the edelweiss fields singing “The hills are alive with the song of music.” 

The next part of this verse, for me, instructs us to prepare ourselves for the living God to dwell within us.  We have to prepare a proper place in our hearts, minds, and souls.  How do we prepare a worthy place for God to dwell?  The answer is three-fold.  First, you have to PRAY!  Prayer is the communication link with the Holy Trinity.  And NO communication equates to NO relationship.  Second, you must give up your life to allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in you,, and to work through you.  Lastly, you need to ask the Holy Spirit to come into your life.  This is accomplished through baptism, and then continuing this relationship with Him. 

The problem with a fair percentage of ‘Catholics’ that come to mass every week and Holy Day of Obligation is that they pray and want God to be with them, but refuse to abandon themselves.  If God doesn’t dwell in you, He can’t do the driving!  

In the Old testament, God made the Israelite people His chosen people.  With the birth of Jesus, God also made Chistians His chosen people as well.  We are members of Christ’s body, making us members of God’s family.  A miracle and grace when we are one with God; when we allow Him to work through us. 

“Lord, please live in me, and allow me to do your bidding.  I want you to be my driver on this sometimes crazy journey in life.  Amen.” 


Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO




Franciscan Saint of the Day:  St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church


Born at the Château de Sales in Thorens, Savoy, August 21, 1567.
Died in Lyons, France, December 28, 1622
Formally beatified the same year (1622) in Saint Peter’s Basilica (the first solemn beatification to occur there).
Canonized 1665 and named a Doctor of the Church in 1877.
Declared patron saint of journalists and the Catholic press in 1923.
Feast day formerly on January 29.
Francis de Sales was a prolific writer and his books are well known.
He began as a Franciscan Tertiary.

(From http://www.franciscan-sfo.org website)



Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) Rule #24:


To foster communion among members, the council should organize regular and frequent meetings of the community as well as meeting with other Franciscan groups, especially with youth groups. It should adopt appropriate means for growth in Franciscan and ecclesial life and encourage everyone to a life of fraternity. The communion continues with deceased brothers and sisters through prayer for them


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