“Wise Men Start As Foolish Babes!” – Ecclesiastes 10:12

It is Saturday, the ninth day of the decade, and the temperature has not risen above 30 degrees yet in St. Louis.  But looking out the window, I see a snow-covered yard, with a crisp still air, and barren trees.  Absolute beauty!!!!  

Wise Ol' Solomon

Quote or Joke of the Day:


Fools learn from experience. Wise men learn from the experience of others. (Otto von Bismark)


Today’s Meditation:


Words from the wise man’s mouth win favor, but the fool’s lips consume him.

(NAB Ecclesiastes 10:12)


Am I the fool!!  I cannot even tell you how often I get into trouble, due to my mouth.  A dear friend of mine has a saying she places at the end of her e-mails.  It reads: “Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders, and Your hand over my mouth!  Amen.”  The Lord needs a bigger hand for my mouth, and you would think I couldn’t even talk with both of my feet in my oral cavity most of the time.

I have always appreciated the sage advice I received from my mentors as I started working on an ambulance in the City of St. Louis many, many years ago.  They were ‘seasoned, and well learned’ individuals in the theory and science of pre-hospital medicine.  More importantly, these ‘leaders in the field’ were also quasi-sociologists, psychiatrists, and survival experts.  I learned a lot about medicine, human behavior, and ‘street smarts’ from these brave men and women.

Many years later, I was one of those mentors that I cherished in the past.  New paramedics were placed with me for their initial “on the road” training” after graduating from two years of classroom and clinical experience.  As an old and sage paramedic, the first two sentences were always, “Have fun doing your job,” and “If you see me running, don’t ask why; just try to beat me!”  By the way, the second sentence had come in handy more than a few times.

I’ve had to shake my head a few times in disbelief from what I had heard come out of my young partners mouth.  One new paramedic called me a ‘dinosour’ for being a paramedic of nearly 30 years.  I just smiled and chuckled.  This person was out of the medical field within 6 months; a victim of his own self-importance.  I hope he has gained a little maturity in the past few years, and is happy in whatever he is doing now.

One other time, I worked with a relatively seasoned paramedic partner.  I enjoyed working with him as we had a lot of similar interests.  The only problem was that his mouth worked faster than his mind at times.  One early morning, we were called to a home for a sudden death.  The patient was definitely dead for many hours, probably dying in his sleep.  The police were there to handle release of the body to the funeral home, with the approval of the county medical examiner.  I asked the wife of the recently deceased if there was anybody she wanted me to call: i.e., a relative or priest/minister, and she declined.  As we were leaving, my partner feeling he had to say something, said, “Have a nice day!”  This was the closest I ever came to killing someone (in my mind).

We are all human, and make mistakes.  all we can do is learn from them.   In closing let’s keep this simple prayer in mind often:

“Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders, and Your hand over my mouth!  Amen”


Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO




Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) Rule #9:


The Virgin Mary, humble servant of the Lord, was open to His every word and call. She was embraced by Francis with indescribable love and declared the protectress and advocate of his family. The Secular Franciscans should express their ardent love for her by imitating her complete self-giving and by praying earnestly and confidently.  


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