“The King of Biblical Infantcide” – Mt 2:15-16

It is an extremely cold, but an absolutely beautiful Sunday in the “Gateway to the West” city.  The crisp air augments the frozen stillness of nature, as I look out my kitchen window.  When I look in the other direction, I see several of my children wrestling and screaming, while playing with the dogs.  I think I will just look out the window all day. 



Quote or Joke of the Day:


 You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to discourage him!


Today’s Meditation:


He stayed there until the death of Herod, that what the Lord had said through the prophet might be fulfilled, “Out of Egypt I called my son.”  When Herod realized that he had been deceived by the magi, he became furious. He ordered the massacre of all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had ascertained from the magi.  (NAB Mt 2:15-16)


Jesus, the Son of God, was called out of Egypt in a “new” exodus. The father-son relationship between God and the nation is re-emphasized.  Here the “son” is not a group, like in Moses exodus,  but a child who stands in a unique relation to God.  Jesus is the son of David,  Abraham,  Mary and Joseph, but, above all, the son of God. 

I wonder how the Holy Family survived in Egypt.  Did Joseph get jobs?  Did they use the gold given to them by the Magi?  Did they have relatives in Egypt they could rely on?  To be stranded in a far off land for three years had to be a trying and upsetting time for all three of them. 

Bethlehem was a small town.  When Herod ordered the killing of the infants in the town, about 20 to 30 probably were murdered.  It could have been hundreds if Jesus was born in Jerusalem.  We, as Catholics, recognize the martyrdom of these baby boys every year, with a Mass for the “Holy Innocents.”   These babies, none of them Christians, are recognized for their role in bringing Christianity to the world.  It proves all that all life has a purpose, and is sacred.  Herod killed 30 babies, and is considered a soldier of the devil.  Well over 30 babies are killed before lunch in the United States alone, just for the ‘convenience’ of a girl not wanting to be a mother; and our society doesn’t even flinch.  Instead of calling us “Americans,’ maybe we should be called “Herodians!” 

Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO




Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) Rule #3:


The present rule, succeeding “Memoriale Propositi” (1221) and the rules approved by the Supreme Pontiffs Nicholas IV and Leo XIII, adapts the Secular Franciscan Order to the needs and expectations of the Holy Church in the conditions of changing times. Its interpretation belongs to the Holy See and its application will be made by the General Constitutions and particular statutes. 


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