Mary Sees & Hears an Apparition – (Lk 1:30)

68 years old America was attacked at Pearl Harbor; and 92 years ago today, America declared war on Austria Hungary, bringing us into WWI.  Today, let’s pray for all victims of war; and past, present, and future soldiers. 


Tomorrow is a HOLY DAY of OBLIGATION.

 It is the “Feast of the Immaculate Conception.”

Week 2 of Advent

 17 days till the BIRTH of CHRIST,

and this is the 9th day of the ADVENT season.

“HO, HO, HO-ly God, We Praise Thy Name!”


Quote of the Day:


 Man’s way leads to a hopeless end – God’s way leads to an endless hope.


Today’s Meditation:


Then the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.

(Lk 1:30 NAB)


I love the infancy narratives of Luke’s Gospel.  I have read it to my children many times, ususlly during the CHRISTmas season.  Saint Francis loved this section of the gospel so much that he created the first living nativity scene in the year 1223 at the town of Greccio (Italy).

Would it not be the perfect gift to have a messager of God telling you that God is pleased with you?!  Mary’s initial reaction of surprise and fear are only natural.  An angel, being perfect in nature, has to be one of such beauty as to place any mear human in a state of awe.  I know angels are ‘spirit’ in nature, and have no real bodily form; but the form an angel of God takes, to be seen, is what I am talking about.

I love Mary’s next reaction.  She places her body, soul, and heart in the hands of God, and accepts the gift, and responsibility, God is granting her: to be the mother of God Himself, in the form of Jesus.  In doing so, Mary not only becomes the mother of God, but also the mother to all mankind.  Now that is “AWEsome.” 

“Hail Mary, full of grace,  the Lord is with you.  AMEN!


Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO



Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) Rule #7:


United by their vocation as “brothers and sisters of penance” and motivated by the dynamic power of the gospel, let them conform their thoughts and deeds to those of Christ by means of that radical interior change which the gospel calls “conversion.” Human frailty makes it necessary that this conversion be carried out daily.   On this road to renewal the sacrament of reconciliation is the privileged sign of the Father’s mercy and the source of grace


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