“Where is My Nightlight Jesus?! – (Jn 8:12)”


Week 1 of Advent

20 days till the BIRTH of CHRIST,

and this is the 6th day of the ADVENT season.

“HO, HO, HO-ly God, We Praise Thy Name!”


Quote of the Day:


 “Anyone truly in touch with God is joyful.  When You’re deadly serious, you’re probably seriously dead.”  (Fr. James Martin, SJ)


Today’s Meditation:


 Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world.” (Jn 8:12)


The second sentence in the Bible, Genesis 1:3, is, “Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”  In both John’s Gospel, and in Genesis, the next thing written is that this light seperates the darkness. 

My children were afraid of the dark when they were much younger.  This challenge of bedtime was cured with a simple item – a night loght.  The light emitted in the corner of teir rooms comforted them.  The light of Christ has comforted me in my fears.  I know Christ is with me, and in me; and no one is going to hurt Christ!

When I was younger, the only psalm I could remeber was the 23rd psalm.  Do you get the hint to darkness in the first sentence; “As I walk throught the valley of the ‘shadow‘ of death, I fear no evil … .  There is a definite theme to darkness being associated with fear and evil.  The light of Christ illuminates our world to love, peace, and happiness.  I wonder if heaven has eternal daylight, and no night-time?


Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO



Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) Rule #4:


The rule and life of the Secular Franciscans is this: to observe the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by following the example of St. Francis of Assisi who made Christ the inspiration and the center of his life with God and people.

Christ, the gift of the Father’s love, is the way to him, the truth into which the Holy Spirit leads us, and the life which he has come to give abundantly.

Secular Franciscans should devote themselves especially to careful reading of the gospel, going from gospel to life and life to gospel.


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