“I Don’t Care What the Test Says! I Am A Virgin!”

Today is the memorial for our parishes namesake.  On November 3rd, 1639, St Martin de Porres, OP, died in Lima Peru. He was known for his simple faith, and for service to the poor and outcast. 


I learned last night those little ‘cute’ lady bugs outside, EVERYWHERE, lately or NOT lady bugs.  They are a beetle that bites HARD, and smell bad if you crush ’em.  God definitely has a sense of humor.


Humor of the Day:

NO form of birth control is 100% effective.  Even abstinence failed once!


Today’s Meditation:

From the Apostles Creed, (continued):



Jesus Christ is the Second Person of the Trinity, and the part of the Godhead that became man.  He was not conceived by a human father, but by the Holy Spirit; and He (Jesus) was born of the young Virgin named Mary.  Joseph agreed to being Jesus’ earthly step-father when the Archangel Gabriel came to him in a dream.  It was from Mary that Jesus took His human form and nature, and Mary is still His Mother, body and soul, with Jesus Christ, in heaven.

Christ had a true and actual human body and soul.  Because of this they could be separated, as they were with His crucifixion, and thus cause His death.  He truly suffered, and thus redeemed us by enduring both body and spiritual pain, as a sacrifice for us – sinners.  When Jesus rose from the dead He was reunited – body and soul.  He can be imitated by us in our striving for sanctity: and as we become more like Jesus, – the more we become like Jesus!  Christ is absolutely and truly present in the Holy Eucharist, in the transubstantiated form of His body and blood.

Mary, as our creed says, was born immaculately, remained absolutely sinless throughout her life, is perpetually virginal in nature, and was assumed (not ascended like Jesus) into heaven after her death.

Information from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.


Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO


Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) Rule #3:

The present rule, succeeding “Memoriale Propositi” (1221) and the rules approved by the Supreme Pontiffs Nicholas IV and Leo XIII, adapts the Secular Franciscan Order to the needs and expectations of the Holy Church in the conditions of changing times. Its interpretation belongs to the Holy See and its application will be made by the General Constitutions and particular statutes.


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