“Answer Me Now, My Blessed Mother In Heaven!”

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is a celebration of God’s gift to eternal life, and salvation.  The name is actually ‘old english’ for the eve of ‘All-Saints Day.’  Even the macabre &/or strange aspects of Halloween can be useful.  By surrounding ourselves with images of death and evil, we learn to lessen our fear of it.  A child dressed as a devil may remind us of  the judgement we all will have to endure when our time in this world comes to an end.

Your child will probably not even think of Halloween as a christian holiday;  only a secular “feast” of sugar and fun.  But, parents should try to express limits of good taste on their children’s choice of costume.  This also definitely includes what type of costume the parents wear.  Your child will do as you do!

Just remember to have a good attitude towards this day (and night).  Go out and enjoy yourselves.


Humor of the Day:

 Never give the devil a ride – he will always want to drive.


 Today’s Meditation:

 From the Memorae Prayer:

 …O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in your mercy hear and answer me.  Amen.


In multiple apparitions, including one to St. Dominic many, many years ago, Mary has always said that she would be there for us – sinners – in reaching the salvation of God in Heaven.  All she asks, is that we adore Jesus through prayer, especially the recitation of the Rosary. 

Those that follow her direction, she promises to stand by at their deaths, and to escort them out of purgatory.  She also will take any petitions to her son in our name.  It is still up to Jesus about how the petition will be answered, but remember, ‘mommy’ brough it to Him.


Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO


Franciscan Saint of the Day:  Bl. Angelo of Acri

Blessed Angelo was born at Acri, Italy.  He was refused admission to the Capuchins twice, but was accepted on his third attempt in 1690, and was ordained.  He eventually became a famous preacher after a tremendous success preaching in Naples during Lent in 1711.  For the rest of his life he preached missions in Calabria and Naples, converting thousands and performing many miracles of healing. 

He was reputed to have had the gifts of prophecy and bilocation; experienced visions and ecstasies; and was a sought after confessor with the ability to see into men’s souls.  He died in the friary at Acri on October 30, and was beatified in 1825.

(Source: Catholic Online) 

 (From http://www.franciscan-sfo.org website)


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