“Our Life, Our Sweetness, & Our Hope!”

Happy Feast of the Lady of the Rosary.  The rosary is a great weapon against evil.  It is a meditation tool of the gospels, and contrary to some beliefs, the rosary is as much a ‘Jesus’ prayer as a Marian prayer.  The ‘repetative’ prayers are nothing more than the background music for the mysteries that come from scripture.  If you do not know how to pray the rosary, look on-line for instructions, and START PRAYING THE ROSARY TODAY!

Today’s Meditation:

[Hail, holy Queen] … our life, our sweetness, and our hope! …

Living with Jesus in our hearts and lives also entails having His mother in our lives as well.  Jesus was both human and divine, and we must love Jesus in His totality which includes His human existence as well.  It was Jesus’ human existence that was given up for our sins.  It is Jesus’ body and blood that we desire at mass.

Through Mary, and her dedication to her beloved son, we see a life that wishes all of us to be with her son in heaven for eternity.  Mary gives us a model for life, a model for the sweetness for the love of all, and a model of hope in the Lord, and of eternal bliss and salvation. 

Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO


Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) Rule of the day:  Rule 7:

United by their vocation as “brothers and sisters of penance” and motivated by the dynamic power of the gospel, let them conform their thoughts and deeds to those of Christby means of that radical interior change which the gospel calls “conversion.” Human frailty makes it necessary that this conversion be carried out daily.   On this road to renewal the sacrament of reconciliation is the privileged sign of the Father’s mercy and the source of grace.


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