Daily Meditation:

“Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach, & your actions speak”  (St. Anthony)

“Do as I say; not as I do!”

How often have we heard, or even said this statement? I am guilty of blurting out this sentence when caught by my children telling them to do something I did not do.  In reality, we learn by observation far more than by reading about a subject. 

When it comes to religion, this is  also true.  I love when my children are complimented about their behavior in church.  My reply: “They better behave in church.”  I have been told by a neighbor that my “kids were too polite.”  Too Polite? – To me, it makes me wonder about what other parents are teaching their children.

St. Francis’ famous quote, “Preach the gospel, and sometimes use your words” is so true.  When a parent is seen drinking to excess, or smoking interesting home made tobaccos, the young see this not only as normal, but also as what is excepted.  When parents don’t go to church, they are telling their children that Jesus and religion are not important.  

Every dysfunctional family that I know of (and sadly I know of many said families) have no faith, or an extremely limited and poor religious belief system.  Whoever quipped the saying “Families that pray together, stay together” I believe has it right. 

We need to remember that our actions have a direct effect on others.  Parents, and for that matter everyone, need to be diligent about fostering morality and following moral lives, as well as showing  faith as a necessary part of living. 

No one can walk in my shoes, but my children will definitely walk in my footsteps.  Let’s make sure we keep on the correct path regardless of how bumpy or jagged it is. 

Thanks & God bless you today. +


Please keep a dear friend of mine in your prayers.  Ray is a young firefighter/paramedic that was involved in a horrible accident, and is in critical condition at a trauma center hospital.  He is a fighter, but he, and his family,  definitely needs the prayers.  


Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO


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