“Compassion & Pity”

 Meditation of the day:

“Men who exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, will deal likewise with their fellow men.”  (St. Francis)

 In my younger days, while camping in the beautiful country of the Ozark hills, I remember being awaken by a rooster making the most awful noise at 6 o’clock in the morning.   I also remember being so upset that  I found myself chasing that rooster across a field swinging a hatchet.  Thank God that I did not succeed in my goal of quieting the “rooster from hell.”

The way we treat God’s creatures we deem subservient to us does have a direct relationship on how we treat our peers.  How often have we heard about the rapist or murder who started out as a child harming animals.  In today’s society of immorality do we see disgusting animal abuse cases involving “puppy mills.” 

This meditation also includes humans.  How often have we subjectively made a decision based solely on first looks and/or preconceived notions of others.  Have I ever looked at someone begging for money at a corner with ill repute?  YES!!  I need to personalize St. Francis’ action and “hug and kiss the leper.”  Everyone is made by God – and all God’s creation is always good! 

Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO


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