“Soul Brothers”

Good Day to all.  Today’s meditation:

“The life of the body is the soul; the life of the soul is God.” (St. Anthony)

 Surprissingly, I asked a group of young adult catholics about what happens to the soul, and was aghast at some of their viewpoints about the soul of the body, and Hell.  Some of these young men did not believe in a concept of the soul, and more didn’t believe there is a “hell”!  All believed in “heaven”, but could not explain what or how one went to happen.  Their thoughts were nearly universal that ALL went to heaven, as long as you believed in Jesus “as your personal savior.”

 To me, the soul is a “foot locker” or (for the medical people) an “endocrine organ” that God’s graces are kept and dispensed to the body, and to others, on a continuous basis.  The more graces you obtain, the more is dispensed in the form of “LOVE”.  By this, I mean love for self and love for others; dispensed in thoughts, words and deeds, and prayers.

You gain graces through good actions, forgiveness and reconciliation (as in the sacrament), baptism, and confirmation.  Some will gain graces through marriage, consecrated life, or by ordination to the deaconate or priesthood.  Eventually, probably the last grace you will achieve is through the anointing of the sick and dying.

Sin atrophy’s (destroys) the soul.  Enough said!

Heaven is a giant depository of souls.  Only healthy and vibrant souls go to heaven.  Those souls that can be restored are sent to purgatory for “restoration” prior to going to heaven.  Those souls so atrophied as to be deemed bad or worthless are sent to hell for permanent disposal – the ultimate trash pile known in the bible as Gehenna; which so happens is also the name of  an actual trash dump in Jerusalem since before the time of Christ.

Let’s keep the soul clean and in pristine shape.  I would love to see all of you in heaven, as I would love to go to heaven myself.  Our body is the temple and living place for God.  This includes our physical body as well as the Church body.  We need to exercise “the hell” out of our bodies (physical, mentally, and SPIRITUALLY) in order to keep both bodies in shape for the return of Jesus.

 Have a Blessed Day. 🙂

Pax et Bonum

Dan Halley, SFO +


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