Meditation of the day:

“One Cannot Imagine St. Francis Not Talking About Rights.”

St. Francis treated all people, and for that matter – all creation, the same way.  That being a creation from God  as a gift for us to use, protect and develop as a gift to Him.  Interesting how everything comes from God, but goes back to Him, either as a glorious gift or a pitiful momento of existence.

The only person St. Francis held higher than anyone (including himself) were the clergy, for they had a grace far above our worldly needs and virtues.  Clergy have the grace to bring Jesus to us in the Eucharist.  Oh, what a beautiful gift to give to someone; the grace to bring everlasting life to us unworthy sinners!

“Rights” have been in the news lately.  These positions and discussions are at best, extremely polarized, and some times violent.  We need to take St. Francis as an example on how to handle these discussions.  Peace needs to be paramount.  It is very difficult to have a succesful conclusion when there is so much animosity.

Francis wanted to lift up the underclass, poor and needy; but not at the extent of bringing down the upper class.  He strived to live in harmony with neighbors, and with nature.  Most of all he LOVED, and all actions were done out of love – not agendas.

I pray that the people of this country, and especially the politicians guiding our future and our children’s future, remember that all their actions should be done out of that same love that St. Francis had for God’s creation.


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