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Hello friends,

I am starting this blog, basically as a journal of my journey of faith, and discernment as a Secular Franciscan.  I have been a Franciscan for a year, and have loved and learned many things about my catholic faith, and christianity as a whole.  It is embarrassing to say that the first 48 years of my life, I was a “cradle catholic.” 

I can understand how the Protestant religions have been reaching fallen away catholics.  Their uplifting, enthusiastic, and saved no matter what approach would be attractive to most.  I believe we, as a catholic church family, should also ‘market’ our christian identity. 

This is not what this blog/journal is going to be about.  I plan on journalling my meditations that I post on my Facebook and Twitter pages; but going into depth about what these meditations mean to ME – a person seeking a daily renewal and conversion in my faith & identity – a Franciscan Catholic.

Mind you that I have little formation and education in theology and philosophy.  I do have however, a large store of personal experience and observations.  Prior experiences has placed me in a position of seeing people and experiences from rural life, to inner-city interactions; and from the poorest and saddest, to the richest and most elite in the St. Louis area.

Today’s meditation is :

“Where there is charity & wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.” (St. Francis)

Wisdom, I believe, can only come out of love (another name for charity).  Without charity, you cannot be open to understanding, and putting yourself into the other persons shoes.  Fear and ignorance are mostly the result of not knowing and  understanding the person or place, or making presumptions based on prejudice.  Sure, there are times one should be truly fearful of someone near you, or some place you may find yourself; this physical state is a natural survival instinct.

True danger is, for the most part, rare (in St. Louis).  We all have to learn to live with each other in a homogenous blend of cultures, ethnic origins, and religions.  What a world would it be to no longer be afraid of each other;  and what knowledge and wisdom would we gain by learning from the elders of  these groups.

With God’s grace, I pray that we ALL learn to live in harmony, charity, love, and respect for all.  It is possible, but it must start with me.


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  1. AMEN..Very good Dan. Looking forward to more. St James said it ‘”faith without good works is dead” That is so Franciscan. Pax

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